Thursday, July 5, 2012

Modes4u Review! { Lego Building Block Snack Bento & Condiment Boxes }

I was contacted recently by the folks from ~ They asked me to select my products of choice from their website and write a review.

I was stoked at the opportunity, especially since I knew right away which items I wanted to try!

My Little Miss happens to be a GINORMOUS Lego fanatic. My basement is Lego City ~ She has the airport, police station, firestation, a house, and probably a bunch of others I'm not even fully aware of. Plus two years ago, Santa brought her the all the playmats for the whole city too, so she even has streets and spots for each of them.

She was also a 'Human Lego' for Halloween last year, hehehe, and we took her to Lego Land last summer. Girl loooooves them!

I've been oogling Lego/ Building Block lunchboxes since seeing all the clever ones Rina has made for her son over at Bento School Lunches so I was thrilled to finally have the chance to get myself one for Little Miss!

The pink building block bento box is 4.2 x 2.8 x 1.9" ~ Small, but perfect for a snack size box! It comes with a matching bento strap. The box can be used in the microwave (lids cannot), is dishwasher safe, and BPA free.

It has an inner white lid which holds an ice pack, which comes with the box. The pink building block lid then fits securely on top of that holding everything together and keeping it cool. Perfect for a day like today when we put the box to use ~ It was over 100 degrees so having this snack with an ice pack worked perfectly!

The green building block sauce/ condiment containers fit perfectly inside the bento box. I'm also looking forward to using them more in the future in other bento boxes we have! They're 1.2 x 1.2" square. They are also BPA free and perfect for dips, sauces, mayonaise, or ketchup.

Since I knew Little Miss and I would be out doing errands today and having some "girls time" later, I always pack snacks or a lunch for her since I never know where we'll end up. I can't always rely on finding a gluten and peanut safe place to eat at the drop of a hat!

I packed up some baby carrots with ranch dip inside her condiment container. I also have a green pick with Old Wisconsin GF Beef Stick bites and mozzerela cheese bites on it.
I also made her a SunButter & honey Lego/ Building Block sandwich to go with her box. I first saw this sandwich idea on Neat2Eat, and then BentOnBetterLunches made a version too, thereafter ~ both so cute.


She LOVED the Lego/ Building Block themed snack, especially the boxes and sandwich. Her favorite colors are pink and purple, so finding a "girl lego box" (as she called it) was something short of a miracle, in her eyes. LOL

As mentioned above, it was 100 degrees today and after running errands and then hitting the mall, we sat down at the food court to enjoy her still chilled snack thanks for the ice pack. This little box is *perfect* for our on-the-go snacks!

Check out these boxes and many more bento box options at!


  1. ADORABLE! That sandwich is just so freaking cute! My girls are lego queens... so they would totally dig on this bento box :)

  2. SO cute!!!!!!!!!!! Legos have taken over our basement too lol. I need those adorable sauce containers!

  3. Ugh! I so wish I could turn back the hands of time! We are so lego geeks, but I think my 13 year old may have a little something to say to me if I sent his lunch in this now. Absolutely adorable!

  4. Sweet Lego bento box! Thanks for the mention too <3

  5. Love those Lego lunchboxes. My kiddos' eyes just popped out after seeing this post. Love the lego sandwiches and I think I would have to do that one of these days.

  6. Ohhhh I want their stuff so bad it huuuuuuurtttttssssss!

  7. So cute! I love the sandwich. Looks like a great little snack container. ☺

  8. I am dying over the lego sandwich! It's more awesome than the containers :) Want & love!

  9. Cute sandwich and Little Miss is super adorable :)
    Thank you for the mention :)


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