Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Brown Rice Tortilla Roll-Up

I finally picked up some gluten & peanut free Brown Rice Tortillas for Little Miss to try ~ I think next I need to warm them just a tad bit more before rolling since they cracked just along the bottom. Oh well :) they taste good!!

Inside her EasyLunchBoxes container is a turkey & cheese brown rice tortilla roll-up sandwich, as mentioned above.

Also in the main compartment is a small heart container with two chocolate chip HomeFree mini crunch cookies inside.

Top left are VeggieChips. Top right is a strawberry dice & red seedless grape fruit medley in a flower shape silicon muffin cup.

I also snuck in a LunchBox Love Note: "You make my life better." Couldn't be more true.


  1. How do you get te brown rice wraps to wrap without braking as you roll or eat them. I use the Erwhon wraps - is there another brand?


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