Friday, July 13, 2012

Food for Thought: Friday the 13th!

Just a quick post with a fun "Friday the 13th" breakfast I made for Little Miss today.

I had actually planned to make her a Jason mask hard boiled egg, but seeing that she'd have no idea what that even was I didn't want to freak her out at breakfast. lol

Little Miss has a plain GF pancake that I cut out the number 13 from. I then added a bit of cocoa powder and half a mashed banana to the batter to make her chocolate banana GF pancakes!

I cut out a black cat from one of those and made its eyes with my faces cutters and leftover bits from the plain pancake.

There are banana slices lining the plate.
Don't worry - I didn't throw out the pancake scraps, they'll get cut, froze, and repurposed for later use. ;)
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  1. Very cute! I love that it is an unusual theme for a meal.

  2. So cute! I especially love how you watermarked her shirt ;)

  3. ~Cute idea for Friday the 13th!

  4. How fun! I would have to try cocoa pancake next time for my girl. She loves anything with chocolate.


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