Monday, June 4, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Field Trip Day!

Little Miss, and the entire first grade, is going on a field trip tomorrow to the Nature Center and this Mama gets to chaperone. :)

I'm actually excited about it since I haven't done a field trip with her since pre-school... AND it's her first FULL day field trip -- the initial reason why I volunteered... PB&J's are a staple on field trips and even though her class is nut-free, the other first grade classes aren't. However, her teacher reassured me by welcoming me to join and that the kids would be eating lunch with their own class.

I volunteered to be the designated medication holder - epipens, inhalers, benadryl, first aid! I'll also come armed with wipeys and germ-juice! LOL ;)

SO anyways!! That means she and I BOTH needed a picnic, disposable lunch.

We packed Little Miss' lunch inside a recycled strawberry container. (We've done this before - see post HERE.) She loves it!

She has a SunButter & Jelly sandwich on Udi's Cinnamon & Raisin Gluten & Nut Free Bread, along with some Veggie Straws, a cheese stick, and a recycled cupcake liner container used to house her red seedless grapes. Her sandwich and veggie straws are wrapped in wax paper. We have water bottles we're all bringing along for our nature hike, but I stuck a small juice box in the container as well for a little extra something. :)

I had to seal it with a Hello Kitty ribbon, like I have in the past. That's her favorite part. ;) lol

Mama has a SunWise Sunflower Seed Spread & Jelly pocket sandwich and a cheese stick too. I have baby carrots and red seedless grapes inside paper cupcake liners. My container is a recycled container that came from the fella's Old Wisconsin Beef Sticks. I love repurposing containers!

The great thing is our Nature Center has recycling, so we have barely ANY waste!
We're able to recycle after lunch our containers, the wax paper (yes - they accept mixed paper blends), the paper liners, etc. Score!

 I think the only "waste" will be the juice box, my sandwich wrap, and cheese wrappers! It could've potentially been six-seven baggies +!

We're also recycling a brown paper sack I had from health food store to hold our lunches. She decorated it with sticks and her name. :)
You can see it in the corner of one of the above pictures - all the Hello Kitty stickers. lol

Want to see even more fabulous field trip ideas using recycled containers?
Check out this link to Biting The Hand That Feeds You ~ On her post, she links a ton of them! :)

Here's a few others:


  1. That sounds fun!! I love going out on trips too as volunteers. But with both kids are in higher elementary and middle school, so opportunities are not that many.

    Have fun!

  2. that sounds so great... I always hate having to pack disposable lunches, even when I can re-use containers like you have.

    This year, though, I've only HAD to do it once, and then I was miffed cause people ignored the rule... I would have if I'd known I could get away with it :)

  3. I love this idea. I found your blog looking for ideas on what/how to pack my celiac and food allergic child on his first field trip (pre-k). I'm also chaperoning and his med (inhalers, benadryl, epipens, etc) holder. great ideas here. we use baby food containers to house wet foods (I don't have a baby but we sometimes buy prunes or ask friends to save containers for us).


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