Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Peanut Free Princess

I finally got my first set of Lunch Punches!
I was so excited to use my new Sand*wishes* set, knowing that my little girly-girl would adore them.
The makings for Monday's lunch seemed appropriate for my little Peanut (and Gluten) Free Princess. :)

Little Miss has a princess crown sandwich done with the Queen of Hearts Lunch Punch. The sandwich is SunButter and Jelly, on Udi's Gluten (Nut, Dairy, and Soy) Free White Bread.

To the right are colby jack cheese slices, cut out with my mini crown cutter and stacked inside.
There are also flower cut radish pieces and a mini gluten free chocolate chip muffin
Top left are baby carrots with a small silicon flower cup of Heluva Good French Onion Dip.

Top right is half an apple with a princess crown cutout revealed. Under the apple are red seedless grapes.

Above the apple is a Wilton Princess Pop Fun Pix, compliments of my sister. :) They're actually meant for cake pops but she knew I'd love to use them inside lunches for Little Miss. (Thanks sis - perfect!!)

Lunch is packed inside an EasyLunchBoxes container.


  1. Replies
    1. She did! I got a big old toothless smile this morning. lol ;-)

  2. I love this one! You really prove that despite allergies you don't have to miss out on anything especially not fun lunches! I love your new princess pix, too. So cute! Happy Monday!

  3. Keeley,
    Please tell me how you got your punch to work so beautifully! I have that set and I have tried over and over with different breads at different levels of freshness and I get the worst results! It's always a crushed nasty looking mess! If I try to do the 2 slices of bread seperate they don't seem to match up!

  4. I'm sorry you've had bad luck with them Dina! I actually do cut the two pieces separate, just like when I use a cookie cutter or other sandwich cutter. I didn't have any issues... Keep trying??!!

  5. ~A very sweet princess-y lunch! Isn't it FUN to get new toys for making food special??! :)
    ~Love the pick, too.

  6. nice idea.. thanks for sharing...

  7. Hi Keeley,
    We got our Lunchboxes and a few other items seen on your blog....veggie and fruit cutter, silicone baking cups, etc....can't wait to use them ..... thanks for the great ideas you always have !

  8. This is so very cute, but did you know Heluva Good dips have MSG? :(


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