Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: By More of My Faves!

I didn't have enough days off to post about ALL my faves! (No problem right? I'll just go back on vacation!! lol) So I decided for the last post in my vacation series to be a round up of some of my other favorite Valentine/hearts/love bentos ideas from some of my bloggy buddies ~

The lovely lady behind Bentoriffic always comes up with cutest sandwiches and ideas for her girls! I love the sprinkle hearts and adorable picks used for the antennae on the butterfly sandwich. Click HERE to check out the rest of this "Hearts and Butterfly" bento post - so many cute ideas: Always colorful and nutritious.

She just recently make this "I Heart Lunch" Bento. Again, loving all the little details - the heart sandwich with the fruit leather heart on top. The tiny heart picks of blueberries. Heart strawberries and apples. So cute! You can check Bentoriffic out on Facebook too!

Jenn of Bento For Kidlet makes her son the most amazing lunches! (I love the Harry Potter series she did.) For this Valentine themed bento in an EasyLunchBoxes container, Jenn made homemade soft pretzels in the shape of hearts - SO cute and clever (should definitely add this to my "to do" list)!! I also like the checkerboard apple. :) You can follow BentoForKidlet on the blog or check her on on Facebook. 

Diana of Diana Rambles makes adorable bentos for her daughter, Dori. On Dori's first day of Kindergarten, Diana made her this special XO bento - Perfect for Valentine's Day as well! Her turkey and cheese sandwich has cheese XOX on top. There's also a rice ball with a nori heart. All the little containers and picks just add to the cuteness. You can check out all of Diana's bentos on her blog or check out the awesome meme she hosts on the BentoBlogNetwork.

Another blogger I adore and look forward to her weekly posts is A Pocket Full of Buttons. Oodles of ideas, cuteness, and deliciousness! There's something so simplistic yet has so much POP with all the colors on this special Love Lunch she made for her daugther in an EasyLunchBoxes container. From the adorable pocket sandwich to the meat XO on top and little heart container. I love the greens, reds, and orange brightness. Plus all the adorable picks. :) A gorgeous healthy, "valentiney" lunch. You can follow A Pocket Full of Buttons on her blog or on Facebook under the name Sew Fierce Boutique.

Rina makes adorable bentos for son on the regular but this one takes the cake! ;) How sweet! ;) These are homemade food-picks: Made from foam stickers that she attached together (back and front). Check out the rest of the post here and her blog Bento School Lunches.

One of the first bento bloggers I ever found/followed was Emily of Bentobloggy. We don't have a Costco by me, so I've already sent my mother on a mission to find these heart shaped red and white raviolis! lol :) Emily never lets down with her adorable, healthy lunches she packs for her girls. You can check her out on Facebook also!

Astrid of Lunches Fit for a Kid has also found these raviolis - BARNACLES! I want them! LOL
The thing I love about her lunches is they're always simple - Something anyone can do. Always healthy. Always colorful. Not only that, she posts AMAZING recipes like this Red Velvet Angel Food Cake or, my personal favorite, Rainbow Pain de Mie. You can always follow Lunches Fit for a Kid on Facebook.

Last, and certainly not least, is Karen of "What's In John's Lunch Bag?" - If you've never checked out Karen's work, YOU SHOULD. She and Jenn of Bento for Kidlet are the QUEENS of characters! Seriously. Go Look. BUT for this bento, she took a different approach - simply telling her son "I LOVE YOU" in the form of a sandwich, cheese, and pepperoni cutouts. :) I love it. You can also check out "What's in John's Lunch Bag?" on Facebook.

I hope you all liked my autoposts/ vacation series while I was away! :)
I'll be back with lunches for Little Miss tomorrow! Not sure if I'll be happy or made about it, lol...


  1. Sarah F. @bentorifficWednesday, February 08, 2012

    Thanks for sharing the love, KMG! You're one of my faves too. Hope you're soaking up the sun & really relaxing on your vacation. Talk soon! :*

  2. Keeley, thanks for the sweet post, you are always so kind. Hope you are having a fantastic vacation. Missing your lunches and looking forward for your return :)

  3. I am impressed. There is no way I could have been this organized before a trip. Your posts were well thought out and executed. Great job! Thanks for featuring. I was surprised to see my first day of Kindergarten bento. Hope you had a great trip. I will be duly impressed if you jump right back into making bentos. It takes me days to get it together after a trip!


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