Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Stocking of Fun

16 days left on our Advent Lunches Countdown to Christmas! Bahh, I can't believe it's going so fast!!

For Friday's lunch I thought it'd be fun to fill Little Miss's stocking with goodies. :)

I made Little Miss a Sunbutter & Jelly Stocking Sandwich. There's provalone ontop, also cut out with my stocking cutter and decorated with my Betty Crocker Food Writer pens. It also notes our countdown number, 16. ;)

The stocking is filled with a candy cane sunbutter & honey sandwich piece, as well as a dumdum sucker. Beside it is a Junior Mint cookie for dessert.
There's also a mini-gingerbread man and mini-snowflake sunbutter & honey sandwich bites.

Top right are some red seedless grapes.
Bottom right are some sugar snap peas & baby carrots. Ontop of it is a babybel cheese made to look like an ornament. (Thank you Bento-logy for this adorable idea!) I carved the lines and circles out of the wax with a pairing knife and used my umbrella handle pick to look like an ornament hook at the top.

All packed inside an Easylunchbox.


  1. Very cute. I love the Babybel ornament.

  2. So much you can do with a Food Writer pen! This is so much fun Keeley!

  3. Cute and cheerful. I have been following you and my blogger page is making me crazy:( I did not see you and a few more in 'blogs that I follow' and I followed again.SO,you might see me twice in your follower.

  4. Keeley, you come up with THE BEST ideas! I really like how you "stuffed the stocking"...and using the umbrella handle pick for the ornament hook is so cool!


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