Friday, July 15, 2011

Craft Complete: Kids "Make Your Own Tie" Craft

Most of my crafts revolve around my little miss :) since she hangs out with my on Friday's when I work from home, I try to keep her as occupied as possible with fun crafts rather than glued in front of a TV while I'm working in the home office. Mission accomplished. (lol)

First I drew the tie onto card stock, adding a flap to the top that you'll use later to fold over the ribbon.

I then let my little miss finger paint and decorate the tie however she desired.

After it was dry, I cut out the tie shape.

Then folded the flap at the top.

On the back I added some drops of glue under the flap...

Attached the ribbon and folded the flap over, holding it for a minute and then let it dry.

You could also just tape or staple it if you so desired. ;)

She got a kick out of having her own tie to wear around, lol

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  1. My girls are going to love this one!!!! Great craft :) Although with daddy being a video game programmer, they don't see a dude wearing a tie often! HA! I will have to explain what it is :) hehe


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