Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things I Love...

Occasionally I will share links and items I see either through blogs, websites, and friends - Appropriately titled the "Things I Love..."

These Pinwale Alphabet letters for kids from Anthropologie.com

These favors made from recycled Frappucino Bottles, by YAMF
(This is genius!)

This lamp shade made from coffee filters (that's right COFFEE FILTERS!), by Liz Marie.

These AMAZING cupcakes by my friend Krista, aka "Krista's Kupcakery".

Above are some more examples of her "Kupcakes"... I just love them!


  1. love it all!- ashlie

  2. OMG dude...lol. I can't believe you put those up there. I'm so completely flattered K. Lovers you! -Krista (SS)


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