Friday, May 27, 2011

Craft Complete: DIY Non-Slip Hair Clips & Bows

DIY Hair Clips & Bows - I love making these for my daughter! They can get so expensive buying them outright.

So simple to do; All you'll need is ribbon, an alligator clip, non-slip cabinet liner (optional), and a hot glue gun (and hot glue, of course, lol).

You can buy alligator clips at Hobby Lobby or Sally's Beauty Supply stores. I purchased mine on Ebay (was able to get a big bag of them for cheap).
Non-slip cabinet liner can be found at Target, Walmart, or even most dollar stores.

 First cut a strip of the cabinet liner the length and width of the alligator clip (the part of the clip that will rest in the hair).

Next, hot glue gun the piece of liner to the inside of the top of the clip.
The top is the curved side. The Flat side is what will lay against the head.
The cabinet liner will created a non-slip surface so it will not fall our or slip out of the hair!
(I've lost SO many bows. Wish I had known about this years ago!! It really does work.)

 The next thing you'll do is create your bow. You can tie a traditional bow or you can create a stacked one. The picture below is a for a stacked one. I did this since it was a cute double sided ribbon and I wanted to show both the pink and brown sides.

I secured the loops in place with a small dab of hot glue.

I then stacked the ribbons and utilizing another small piece of ribbon, I wrapped it around the middle.
I then hot glued it on the back of the bow to secure it together.

Here is the end result of the bow:

I then placed hot glue on the top of the alligator clip and glued down the bow. Holding it for a few moments to secure it stayed until dry.

 Here are the two I made with the pink & brown double-side ribbon:

For some reason they look purple & blue in the picture, LOL - sorry...

One is the stacked bow, shown in the tutorial.
The other is a traditional bow I tied making sure to loop it so the brown showed around the middle.

So simple. Two cute non-slip bows.
The same premise would apply to any other type of bow, flower, or design you might think to create!

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