Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ninja Coffee Bar {at Home} + Dairy Free Mocha Recipe

Ninja provided me with their new Coffee Bar system for my honest review:

I am a coffee addict. 

When I'm traveling for work or even at home, I could drink coffee all day long. The fella thinks I'm crazy, but even in the evenings, I find a warm cup relaxing. In fact, I'm sipping on a cup right now.

Buying "fancy coffees" away from home can get expensive, so I'm thankful for delicious homemade recipes to create them myself like my Homemade Dairy Free Mocha Coffee recipe (below)!

And thanks to the new Ninja Coffee Bar System, I have the best coffeehouse in town, right on my counter!

Let me tell you how thankful I am for this fabulous machine
I'm very spoiled in that the fella use to make me coffee so I had it ready and waiting when I get up for work in the mornings. Now that he's traveling for work, I no longer get my brew ready to go. 

Our old coffee machine didn't have a timer or any fancy settings. Now, I can prep my coffee the night before and it's ready when I wake up. (Sorry, honey, you've been replaced by my Ninja!

I can easily fill the reservoir with water to for a single cup, travel mug, half pot, or full pot of coffee thanks to the Auto-IQ One Touch Intelligence of the Ninja Coffee Bar System. (See it in action in the video below.) This is great for when I just need a travel mug to-go or when I just want that single cup late in the evening to myself. 

You also can control the concentration of the coffee to Classic, Rich, Over Ice, and Specialty. I like my coffee pretty dark and darn pretty strong so I drink the Rich on a daily basis. When I'm making homemade lattes or mocha drinks (like my recipe below) I typically use the Specialty setting but regular brew works just fine! 

One of my other favorite features was the Ninja Easy Frother accessory it came with. It is microwave safe and allows you to heat, froth, and pump your milk (or non-dairy milk) into a foam just like at a coffeehouse. You can also use cold milk or creamer, if you prefer.

The coffee bar system also came with an 18 oz. Insulated Tumbler so you can enjoy your cold brews at home or on-the-go. The To-Go Black Travel Mug shown in some of the photos was given to me by Ninja but is not included with the Coffee Bar System

I've been successfully using (and loving!!) my new Ninja Coffee Bar for a couple months now. It's an at home game changer!

Moms, listen up. Start dropping hints now to the family and to your significant other that this Mother's Day... You NEED the Ninja Coffee Bar System. Happy Wife = Happy Life. ;) 
You can purchase yours right from Amazon and get free shipping delivered in just two days, if you're a Prime member! Time to start brewing!

Homemade Dairy Free Mocha Coffee
{Individual Serving}
  • 1 Cup of Hot Coffee
  • 1/4 Cup of Non-Dairy Vanilla Milk (I use So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk)
  • 2 teaspoons of Cocoa Powder
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar or honey (optional - I usually leave this out since I don't like mine overly sweet, but you may want to add if using a sugar-free vanilla milk
  • Dairy Free Whipped Topping (like So Delicious CocoWhip Topping or Rice Whip Topping)
  • Additional Cocoa or Chocolate Shavings for Sprinkling on top (optional)
  1. Add the cocoa powder (and sugar, if wanted) to the bottom of your selected coffee mug then pour hot coffee over top and stir.
  2. If using the Ninja Easy Frother, heat milk in the microwave for about 45 seconds. If not, you can heat the milk in a microwave safe mug or bowl instead then follow along with the rest of the directions below. 
  3. After heating, froth the milk using the Easy Frother until foamy. 
  4. Pour frothed milk into the coffee drink and stir again, or leave it to settle on top. 
  5. Add whipped topping and enjoy... all to yourself! 

To view the Ninja Coffee Bar System on Amazon click here:
or learn more at

This post contains affiliate links. I was given the Ninja Coffee Bar System for free in exchange for my honest review and feedback. 


  1. What brand of coffee do you drink!? I never know really what to go for being gluten free....I usually get what they have at aldi since it says gluten free on it!

    1. Hi Torry! We actually drink Starbucks Pike Place. I know has a great list on his website of store bought brands that are safe. Thanks!

  2. My husband would love this! He's all about coffee. :)

    1. It's great for company, as well! Being able to make a single cup or even guests an iced coffee to enjoy.

  3. Oooooo, I want one!! The only reason I buy coffee at a store is because I love the frothy milk, actually I use soy milk and don't like it that I have to pay an extra 60 cents for it.

  4. I have have the Ninja blender and love it! I'm going to have to look into getting this since I'm a coffee addict too! :)

    1. I have the blender already, as well. I love my Ninja products!

  5. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but that sure does look yummy. :)

  6. I am all over this! I love my little espresso machine, but this Ninja Coffee Bar kicks it's butt!

  7. Wow! I have never seen this little gem . I do love my morning java

  8. Yes, this recipe is simple and tasty but I cannot cook it because my husband has a coffee allergy. I thought that it's a huge problem but after reading I understood that it's not :)

  9. This looks pretty awesome! If I drank coffee I reckon I'd want one of these!!Rosie C. Jackson

  10. I love coffee and have gone through quite a few coffee makers and milk frothers at home.One thing I really like about the Ninja coffee bar is that in the morning I can brew the coffee directly into my travel mug, grab it and run out the door.


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