Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lunch Made Easy: St. Patrick's Day Ideas!

St. Patrick's Day is always a fun time of year around our house! 1)  The 15th is my folks anniversary, 2) the 16th is my birthday, and 3) the 17th is a fun day to celebrate the fact we are Irish! You don't get a name like Keeley McGuire, otherwise - to be exact... I'm actually half Irish, half Scottish. 

Growing up, my grandfather spent many years traveling to Ireland studying our ancestry and I'm so lucky I had to opportunity to visit the beautiful homeland back in 2009 with some coworkers.

Now, I make sure to celebrate the day and our family heritage with Little Miss who proudly call this "our day". That means lots of fun lunches and snacks to go with. Erin go Bragh! 

If you don't have a shamrock shaped cookie cutter, all you need is a heart! By cutting out the hearts and placing them together, you can create a clover leaf shape for sandwiches or even using pancakes. 

Add fun sides in the colors of the Irish flag - whites, oranges, and greens - to play up the theme. 

Speaking of the flag, even an salad can be made festive by using the toppings to create the flag of Ireland in your lunch box. 

Here is also added a drop of green coloring to applesauce for added fun.

Another idea is to add iced cookies with green sprinkles. I also played up the color theme by packing bananas & kiwi dices, broccoli, and adding themed cupcake rings for decoration.

I love using the heel of our gluten free bread loaves to create sandwich effects. Here I used my mini heart cutter again, cut out the bread and then replaced the openings with the heel cutouts for depth. 

Packed along side are green fruits and veggies, veggie chips, and themed bento accessories.

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  1. It's your birthday!? Happy Birthday Dear!!!!
    And these are such lovely ideas!!! xoxo

  2. My kids would have loved these when they were younger. Sadly, they make their own lunches now that they are teens. Maybe I will surprise them sometime :-)

  3. Happy Birthday and enjoy celebrating tomorrow too! These are such fun ideas.

  4. Happy Birthday, my Irish-Scottish friend! What a great way to celebrate! You always come up with the cutest ideas. I hope someone made something special for you today, too!

  5. What fun ideas! These creative lunch ideas prove that life with allergies can still be fun! My favorite was the green applesauce. I think you and Little Miss would really enjoy our awesomesauce Bytes at They're full of fun and easy tips for people with an array of food philosophies.

  6. Awesome and equally interesting St. Patrick's Day ideas! Liked them a lot. Thanks for sharing these photos here. Our daughter’s birthday is coming and will like to host a St. Patrick themed party at her favorite party venue NYC. She especially asked for this theme.


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