Thursday, December 12, 2013

{Christmas Countdown} Advent Lunches: And then there were 12

Friday's lunch marks only 12 days left until Christmas!
I can't believe how quick this countdown has gone. Time flies when you're having fun.
Now for a little blog catch-up with school lunches from the past few days. You can see all our advent lunches by clicking here.
With 14 days left, we did one of our favorites: Frosty the Bagel. This is our third year making this guy and Little Miss loves it each time. (You can see our past ones here and here.)
We used an Udi's gluten free bagel spread with cream cheese, a carrot nose, and Enjoy Life Mini Chips facial features. She also had salami roll-ups and pear slices inside the lidded container, which has our countdown number 14 written on it with dry erase marker.

With 13 days left, we made Candy Cane Pizzadillas for lunch. Pizza on Udi's gluten free quesadillas. Also packed is a turkey roll-up, yogurt with sugar sprinkles decorated with our countdown number 13, carrot bites, and an apple ornament.
When we started our countdown, Little Miss had asked if I could do the 12 Days of Christmas once we got to 12 in the countdown. I said we couldn't do them all since there were weekend in between but she's determined to have this Mama try for the school days.
For Twelve Drummers Drumming, I made a drum shaped SunButter sandwich on Udi's gluten, nut, soy, & dairy free bread. The pieces are "glued" on with dabs of honey & SunButter. She also has packed a side salad with our countdown number made from carrots and pear slices.
Included is a sweet Christmas Lunchbox Love Note, as well. 
For 12 Days of Christmas lunch fun, check out Melissa from Another Lunch - I have been in love with the series she did for a couple years now.


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