Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lunch Made Easy: This Week in {Gluten & Nut Free} Bento

Just four days of school this week, so here are our fun bento school lunches Little Miss enjoyed!

{Allergy Friendly} Gluten, Peanut, & Tree Nut Free: 

Monday we celebrated our new EasyLunchboxes Brights by packing a little love in our lunch box:

Little Miss has SunButter & honey heart shaped sandwich bites on homemade gluten free bread. SunButter is nut, gluten, egg, and dairy free. It's also kosher and vegan. The sandwiches are topped with cheese hearts made using our FunBites LuvIt cutter. 
She also has a spinach side salad with more cheese hearts and heart shaped carrots. 
Peach slices are in the upper left compartment and the upper right contains a chocolate heart shaped cake. I bought the silicone pan I made this in at Target from their dollar spot at the front of the store ($3.00). The cake is from King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix. KAF's GF line of mixes are made in a Top-8 Free facility. 

Keeping it simple on Tuesday, Little Miss had half an Udi's gluten, nut, dairy, & soy free bagel sandwich. Beside it are Ranch Tortilla PopChips. 
She also had mandarin oranges and carrot sticks to complete her meal.

Wednesday we packed up leftover Annie's gluten free rice mac-n-cheese, with a cup of turkey & ham roll-ups in the center. 
She also has carrots, cauliflower, and apple slices. I'm often asked this question: I soak our apple slices in apple juice to keep them from browning in the lunchbox. 

Today Little Miss had a SHARK ATTACK! ;) 
I love how the air hole in the bread slice matched up so perfectly to be an evil eye. lol
Using a cookie cutter, I made her shark sammie on homemade gluten free bread. It's filled with SunButter & grape jelly. 
Below it is blueberry "water", around it carrot "starfish", and a silicone mini cup of peach "sun" dices. 
Little Miss also has "clamshell" veggie chips and dip. This was actually an idea created BY Little Miss this past summer for a lunch. She loved that I used her idea again - she was quite proud. ;) 

PS: EasyLunchboxes Brights are now available on Amazon with free super saver shipping - check them out!!




  1. Like always, Love your lunches! That chocolate heart shaped cake has me drooling I must say..

  2. Love your lunches! That shark is awesome :)

    Does your daughter ever have any issues with annie's Mac and cheese leftovers? I love it but find it doesn't save well for us, unfortunately.

    Love your apple juice trick and use it all the time!

    1. She does okay with it and oddly even likes cold Mac leftovers :-/ lol
      I know what you mean though- when trying to reheat? Try reheating on the stovetop and add a bit more cheese and milk to being it back to life. (Or nondairy cheese/milk, depending what you need.) :)

  3. Not to put the heat on....but I can't wait to see what you are doing for Valentine's Day.

    You are crazy amazing and I just love bopping by for cute ideas!

    1. Hahahaha! XO
      thank you :)

      Always appreciate your comments and compliments!!


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