Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: MOMables Monday!

It's not only MOMables Monday, we kinda had a MOMables weekend around here! LOL
Click through to read more and see what I mean. ;)

Little Miss has a MOMables Tuna Salad Sandwich on an Udi's (gluten, nut, dairy, & soy free) Bagel.

She also has a fruit medley of grapes & mandarin oranges, plus a baby spinach side salad. Inside the little froggy container is Zesty Italian dressing.

Finishing off her EasyLunchBoxes container is also a small elephant pick with a few colby cheese bies and a Whoopie Pie for dessert.

We made these Whoopie Pies on Saturday and my-oh-my it has taken all my will power not to eat them all! LOL, they are so yummy.

I bought this BabyCakes Whoopie Pie maker on clearance for $7 maybe a month ago and we had not used it yet so Little Miss asked if we could this weekend.
So we got out a box of King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake mix and went to work!

Here's what we used:
Just that simple to make the Whoopie Pies! They cooked up in about 2 minutes too, per batch. This amount yielded 36 pie halves or 18 sandwiched pies.

For the filling, we made the MOMables Homemade Oreo filling! YUM! Little Miss was in *heaven*! Enjoying her first Whoopie Pie, ever! :) 
Then last night, I made a batch of MOMables Homemade Chicken Nuggets but we substituted the bread crumbs and used my homemade gluten-free bread crumbs (this is why I keep her bread scraps and crusts from her silly sandwiches - I can make croutons and homemade bread crumbs!)

She LOVED them! She said they were better than gluten-nuggets. Lol, silly girl! :)


  1. I must try these Whoopie Pies! Great idea! Also, I commend you for being so innovative with making you own bread crumbs from scraps. It's very logical but I still would've never come up with it.

    1. Thank you! :)
      It works perfectly and a great way to repurpose those leftover bread pieces. Even more so so that I don't have to buy special GF crumbs by making my own. I just keep a big baggy of the pieces in the freezer. Then pull out and process as needed.

  2. Sounds like a fun and yummy weekend! I made MOMables Oreos and have to restrain myself from eating them all. That filling is so delicious and I bet the whoopie pies were yummy ;)

  3. I am so jealous of those home made Oreos. Can't wait to try and devour them with my kiddos. I have to find your baby cakes maker though.


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