Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: My Bento Loot...

Some of my fellow bento blognesses have posted about their spectacular bento loot recently (such as Candy Girl and Chef Corey, just to name a few).

A Pinterest board was even created for all of us to share our goods. It's pretty amazing actually.

I feel my "collection" is small, in comparison to everyones but when I spread it all out I realized I have more cookie cutters than I even realized, haha! :) I'm okay with this.

Let me go through what all this junk stuff is:

This is my daily "go-to" box; It's where I keep my everyday items. When I start making lunches at night, I grab this container off the pantry shelf and begin!

Inside are my "everyday" cookie cutters - stars, butterflies, flowers, hello kitty, etc.

I removed a layer so you could see, lol, there's also pink and blue flower silicon cups, picks, heart containers, FunBites LuvIt!, and my veggie cutters on the far left.

The top layer is my small silicon cups, all my "everyday" mini cutters, more picks, and our animal fork/picks.

On a pantry shelf in the basement, I keep my "non-everyday" items like this set of ABC & 123 cutters.
In a separate storage container also on a pantry shelf in the basement, I have all my holiday cutters and picks organized in ziplocs. Christmas/Winter, Valentine's, Halloween, Easter/Spring, and a Misc bag - which has silicon molds, containers, and misc silicon bowl like containers like a moon and a butterfly.
Also pictured in the upper left are my Williams & Sonoma pancake molds. They're not necessarily just for lunch, but since I've used them in a bento before I figured it'd be good to picture.

Also, not pictured up close but they are in the main first shot is an apple shaped cutter in its own special container it came with and my Lunch Punch Sand*wishes* set.

I also have a drawer that stores my egg molds (pictured upper left), cupcake holders, thermos, sandwich container, misc ladybug bento box, snapware box, LunchBots, and all my EasyLunchBoxes. Love that those stack so nicely by the way, all four stacked inside this drawer with room to spare.

There you have it. I'm exposed.

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