Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Oh Spinach Tree, Oh Spinach Tree!

I've seen a couple variations of a "vegetable Christmas tree" on Pinterest and Google - some made of cucumbers, some of sugar snap peas... I decided to make Little Miss a Spinach Tree. :)

Thursday also marks 17 days left on our Advent Countdown!

I've mentioned before that she looooves Spinach (love her for this because so does Mama!!) She actually prefers a Spinach salad over Romaine or Lettuce. :)

Her salad is spinach leaves for the tree, matchstick carrots for the garland, circular cheese cutouts for the ornaments that I colored with my Betty Crocker Food Writer pens, and a provalone cheese star at the top noting our countdown number "17".

Top right are her favorite - Mandarin oranges.
Bottom right there's a container with a small amount of Zesty Italian Dressing and a York for dessert.

All packed inside a wonderful Easy Lunch Box.


  1. SHUT UP! This is adorable! What a great idea for a tree :) That is so awesome that she like spinach :) LOVE!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is totally adorable! I love it! And so simple to do! : )

  3. Thank you all! :)

    Litle Miss was singing "Oh Spinach Tree, Oh Spinach Tree" all morning, lol. She loved it.

  4. Spinach tree is brilliant!! I love seeing festive veggies :D

  5. Wow! I agree-- Spinach tree is brilliant! We love spinach around here too!! And now, I may never hear "O Christmas Tree," the same way again!! Thanks so much for linking up to Food Adventure Friday! :)

  6. Amazing! I NEVER would have thought of making a spinach tree. And the carrot garland, too cute! I will most likely borrow (steal) this idea for Boogs' lunch.

  7. you know, if you don't want to send salad as the main course, or if you just want to pack more in the main area, you could put a christmas tree-shaped sandwich underneath, or simply put the other salad ingredients under the spinach (boiled egg, meat, other veggies)


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