Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Craft Complete: Thankful Pumpkins

I was completely inspired to do this project this afternoon with Little Miss by One Artsy Mama - She posted a picture of a pumpkin her family had done on her facebook page and I thought it was such a great idea!

We happened to have two little pumpkins still in great condition from Halloween that were untouched. So after lunch, Little Miss and I set out together to make our "Thankful Pumpkins".

As One Artsy Mama so wonderfully put it, "...writing our blessings on our pumpkin for a visible reminder of all God gives to us."

Some were serious - Family, Love, God, Friends...

Some were silly - Pizza, Football, Cookies, Beef Jerky...

Little Miss even added stickers to hers, lol. :)

A fun, simple project that really had us sit down and reflect on all the things we were blessed with and thankful for.


  1. Keeley, I love that you guys did this! It totally makes my day that you liked the idea enough to do it yourselves. We have some of those same things on our pumpkin! Hope you have a blessed holiday!

    Amy from One Artsy Mama

  2. Thanks Amy! I know :) I showed Little Miss yours and so as we were writing she repeated some like "snowflakes", lol... others were just naturally on our list too! So cute.

    Thanks Corey!


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