Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Goldfish Sandwich Bread

We finally found a package of the new Goldfish Sandwich Bread at our grocery store! I was thinking it was too new that hadn't got it in yet, but I found one lonely pacakge on the shelf... After talking to the cashier, I guess they've been selling out! That's crazy. Well anyways, Little Miss was JUMPING up and down when we got it. lol, over bread... I know... have to love kids! :)

I did end up going home from work sick yesterday (ick!) - still not 100% today but better than yesterday so I hope this means I'm finally heading in the right direction...

Today's lunch is:
A bologna & cheese sandwich on Little Miss's new Goldfish Sandwich Bread
A few pringles and some mini stripe cookies
Two picks with cantaloupe and watermelon bites
A hardboiled egg, sliced
Not pictured - grape juice box

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  1. Love it. Try the fish and water idea like I did for Bear also. The moms at Bear's school are saying that have to step up their lunches now.


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