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Terra's Kitchen: Dinner Delivered! #ARecipeforRealLife #ad

Terra's Kitchen: Dinner Delivered! Meal Delivery Service offering Gluten Free, Paleo, & Vegetarian Options.
This post is sponsored by Terra's Kitchen. Read my full disclosure statement here. 

To my surprise, Terra's Kitchen Meal-Kit Service has a great selection of Gluten Free, Paleo (grain free, legume free, dairy free, starch free), and/or Vegetarian options. It also gives you a quick glance of what allergen each recipe contains. This mom loves that! It also utilizes organic and non-GMO ingredients, when possible.

What exactly is a Meal-Kit Service? It's Dinner Delivered! You choose the recipes you want, they do the chopping/ prepping, and it's delivered right to your doorstep in a climate-controlled vessel! Then, you get to enjoy a delicious meal in 30 minutes or less. 

Setting up your delivery box is easy. They walk you through the steps to determine what type of meals you want (gluten free, Paleo, Vegetarian, etc.) and select the number of meals/ size family you need.

Check out the recipes and decide which ones you want for your food subscription box for that delivery. (There is a minimum order of $65.) You can even add in extra sides or meats, plus a few other goodies like juices, to help fill your box or if you just want to bulk up your dinner package a little more. 

The deliveries can come as often or as little as you desire. You pick the day of the week you want your meal-kit box delivered, but if you don't want one every week that's okay! You can easily look at your delivery calendar and skip a week whenever you need.

The reusable climate-controlled "refrigerator" box is delivered right to your door. It was actually a lot of fun opening it up with my family and seeing how it worked/ what was inside!

Once you've unpacked it, the pickup date is already scheduled and emailed to you for the empty vessel. (Ours was the next day.) Peel back the label already set in place for you, and they'll pick it up without you ever having to call! Just place it outside your door. Done. If you don't want their prescheduled pick-up date, you can go online and easily adjust. 

Along with all the foods being cleaned, chopped, prepped, and marked for each recipe, you also receive the full sheet color recipe cards that show you easily step-by-step how to create your delicious recipes you selected.

The two meals we reviewed were the Grilled Steak with Chimichurri + Crispy Sweet Potatoes and the Grilled Chicken Radish Apple Salad.

Each serving size is based on two people, so I ordered two servings of the Grilled Steak that way it could feed our entire family + satisfy my meat loving husband. I called dibs on the extra sweet potatoes- yum! I had never made a Chimichurri sauce before and, to be honest, not sure I ever would have if it weren't for this experience. I loved it! Now I know how simple it is to make.

It was great after getting home late that evening and having a healthy dinner already prepped for us to quickly make. The last thing I wanted to do was think about chopping and being creative in the kitchen - it was already done for me!

The next day, I made a late lunch for us of the second recipe which was a Grilled Chicken with Radish Apple Salad. This was probably my favorite! It was such a simple dish but probably one of the best salads I've ever had (no joke). 

The Cider Shallot Vinaigrette added the perfect acidity and played off the tang of the goat cheese nicely. I loved the crunch of the radish and apples, which also added sweetness (the apples). I will definitely be making this again!

Is this something we'll do every week? Probably not. But it's a nice treat or change-up if you know you are going to have a busy week ahead or just need a meal planning break! Let's face it, we all get burnt out! That's why I love that you can set the calendar and skip weeks as many times as you need/ want. 

One idea we actually had was this would be great for travel! We usually stay somewhere on long trips with a kitchen in our hotel room. That way I can easily make meals that are safe and we don't have to spend money eating out each time. A meal-kit box like this could be sent to your hotel or cottage and you have your dinners ready to go! How cool would that be? 

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To learn more about Terra's Kitchen, visit their website by clicking here. They have a great FAQ section to answer any questions you may have or can easily be contacted via the website directly!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Terra's Kitchen. The opinions and text are all mine. Read my full disclosure statement here.

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