Monday, August 29, 2016

Lunch Made Easy: Back to School Ideas!

For a family with food allergies or dietary restrictions, packing food never stops. It becomes second nature to always BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) wherever you go.

The same goes for school lunches. We pack, every day. And always have. 

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I've put together a fun round-up of our favorite lunches we've packed for school so far (she started back in mid-July) to help give you inspiration for when your family heads back:

For a full description of each lunch, click each of the photos for more details: (All lunches are Gluten Free, Peanut Free, & More)

Chicken salad made from leftover grilled chicken, halved Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse bread slices, sliced gala apples, Snikiddy Snacks Eat Your Vegetables chips, and two Enjoy Life Foods Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies I cut into flowers to match the chicken salad cup. Lunch is packed in an EasyLunchboxes container.

OLOVES olives, pepperoni & cheese skewers, SunButter No-Bake Bites, carrots, and apple dices. {Get the No-Bake Bites Recipe HERE.}

SunButter & Freedom Foods Smudge GF Waffle Sandwich, Freeze Dried Bananas, Turkey & Ham Roll-Ups, Carrots, & Apples in an EasyLunchboxes Container.

O'Doughs GF Bagel Sandwich, Snikiddy Snack Eat Your Vegetables Chips, Apples, & Carrots in an EasyLunchboxes Container.

GF Mac & Cheese {+ Over 35 More Thermos Ideas for Lunches - Click to Read More & Learn How to Properly Heat a Thermos Core}

SunButter Spice Bar {click for the recipe}, Blackberries, Cauliflower & Broccoli, and a Nectarine in an EasyLunchboxes Container.

Toasted Ham & Cheese on GF Bread, Apples, Carrots, & Cauliflower in an EasyLunchboxes Container. {Learn how to pack toasted sandwiches in this post.}

Enjoy Life Foods Crunchy Mini Cookies, Spinach & Turkey Roll-Ups, Cauliflower, Freeze Dried Bananas, & Apple Dices in a Planetbox Shuttle.

Enjoy Life Foods Waffles, Ham Roll-Ups, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Apples, & Blueberries in an EasyLunchBoxes Container.

GF Wrap filled with Chicken Salad, Popcorn, Cauliflower, Apples, Blueberries, and a Homemade SunButter Cup packed in an EasyLunchBoxes Container.

Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chip Muffin, Chicken Roll-Ups, Grapes, Apples, & Carrots in a Planetbox Shuttle.

Leftover Sausages, Snikiddy Snack Eat Your Vegetables Chips, Carrots, Apples, and an Enjoy Life Foods Brownie packed in an EasyLunchboxes Container.

SunButter On-the-Go Cup, GF Crackers, Carrot, Apples, & Enjoy Life Foods Snickerdoodle Cookies in an EasyLunchboxes Container. {Click Here to Learn How to Keep Apples from Browning!}

Triple Decker GF Sandwich, Enjoy Life Foods Brownie, Carrot, & Apples in a Rubbermaid LunchBlox Container.

Udi's GF Bagel with Dairy Free Cream Cheese, Snikiddy Snack Eat Your Vegetables Chips, Carrot, Chicken Roll-Ups, & Apples in a Planetbox Shuttle.

Gluten Free Quesadilla, Carrot, Apple, Snikiddy Snack Eat Your Vegetables Chips, and Enjoy Life Foods Snickerdoodle Cookies in a Mmmm Lunch Buddies Container.

Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Lunchbox Pizza Crusts, Apples, & Carrots in a Planetbox Shuttle. 

GF Pretzel Sticks, Turkey & Spinach Roll-Ups, SunButter Sunflower Seed Spread, Carrots, & Apples in an EasyLunchboxes Container.

Nut-Free Apple Sandwiches, Carrots, and Popcorn in an EasyLunchboxes Container.

Silk DF Yogurt with Nut-Free Granola, Fresh Berries, Ham Roll-Ups, and DF Chocolate Milk in an EasyLunchboxes Container.

Enjoy Life Foods Plentils, GF Tuna Salad Sandwich, Carrot, & Apples in a Planetbox Shuttle.

Pepperoni & Dairy Free Cheese Quesadilla on a Gluten Free Tortilla with Flower Carrot Cutouts, Enjoy Life Foods Mini Soft Baked Snickerdoodle Cookies, Enjoy Life Plentils, and Apples in a Planetbox.

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  1. These are some great looking lunches! Never thought to put waffles in a lunch box!

  2. We have had to pack our kids' lunches for years. I love seeing your ideas so that I can add some variety to my kids' lunches.

  3. These all look so good...can you pack my lunch?

  4. Love this! So many fun ideas. My kiddo starts back to school later this week. I can't believe the summer break is already over!

  5. So great and so helpful. Lots of great ideas for the season!

  6. What a great bunch of ideas! I love the waffles and mini-pizza. :)

  7. These all look great, Keeley! I haven't seen the Eat your vegetables chips before. I need to check those out. I love the heart-shaped skewer for the turkey and spinach roll-ups, too!

  8. I love the variety of ideas and so many creative ones too!

  9. I only have to pack a snack for my son now...but I'm pinning this for when he goes full days!

  10. These are all such great ideas! I especially love the waffle sandwich.

  11. Keeley! These are incredible! Can you come over one weekend and help me pack my lunches for the week? SKEWER EVERYTHING! Everything is way cuter that way!

  12. We pack lunches every day too, thanks for all the fun ideas!

  13. These lunchboxes are so adorable! I love the cut outs and variety, it makes me wish I had a kid!

  14. What a wealth of ideas! I needed this today. We're into week 2 of school and I already feel like we are in a lunch rut. Thank you, thank you!

  15. What great round of lunch ideas!

  16. Wow, what a round up Keeley! No little ones in the house, but my husband would actually love some of these!


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