Monday, September 8, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: Microwave "Bread" Sandwiches {Gluten, Dairy, Nut, & Soy Free}

Pinterest scrolling always turns up interesting finds... like this one: "Gluten Free Bread in Seconds".

It's for a microwave, instant gluten free bread (that can also be made dairy free, as well as, nut & soy free). I was curious... so I gave it a try! 

The result... I'll explain more below, but I'd really call this a "Gluten Free Pancake in Seconds" rather than "Bread" since that's more the texture and consistency. Either way, fun to try in a pinch.

The original recipe calls for using a plastic sandwich container to microwave it in. I wasn't comfortable putting a cheap sandwich container in the microwave that long, so I spread out the batter into a glass baking dish instead - figuring I could cut it into slices, rather than in half like a bun, like the originator did.

As I said above, the consistency is really more of a pancake than a slice of bread. Still a nice quick-fix if you find yourself out of bread while packing lunches and don't want to go to the trouble of making a pancake on the stove top.

Or you could just try one of our Non-Sandwich Lunchbox Ideas. ;) 

Other items to note: The recipe says it take 90 seconds. 
I assumed since mine was in a thinner layer it would cook more quickly. Wrong.
It took just over three minutes in the microwave to get mine cooked through. So, keep that in mind.

Back to lunch: Since it was really more like a pancake, I decided to use my heart shaped cookie cutter on it and create mini SunButter sammies. One of Little Miss favorites!

Also packed is a side salad and watermelon in an EasyLunchboxes container for a fun, allergy friendly lunch! 

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