Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: How to Make a Baseball Theme Lunch

Since the Tigers play again tonight, I thought it'd be fun to do a simple & quick Baseball sports themed lunch for Little Miss today.

You don't need special cookie cutters or tools to make a yummy baseball for your kiddos. I'll show you how I whipped this lunch up in just minutes! Perfect for your little fan at home.

With Father's Day this weekend, if Dad is a huge baseball fan it would also be a cute surprise for him, as well, for breakfast or part of his lunch.

I was out of gluten free bagels, which was my original intent to use for this lunch (so feel free to do that in your own home) so I instead used half of a leftover gluten free hamburger bun

Spread dairy free or regular cream cheese over top, depending on your family's dietary needs, and add the lace details with strawberry jam. Strawberry & cream cheese is delicious, by the way!

I was able to achieve this easy & quick by putting some jam into a plastic baggie. I then smoothed it out by squishing it inside the bag, since we use a thicker jam here with the occasional strawberry peel bite.

Cut the tip of the baggie and pipe on the lacing details, like you would icing. So simple!

You don't have to get so elaborate with the veggies, but the cucumber baseball slices were also easy-peasy! I used a paring knife to score and cut away two stripes in each piece, leaving the peel intact to hold it together. 

The baseball bats are carrot sticks that I also used a pairing knife to cut and shape. Now, I've been making lunches a long time so it took me seconds to do. You don't have to be so elaborate. Even a regular carrot stick could be a bat for lunch!

It's finished off with Americana colored fruit consisting of blueberries and watermelon dices in an EasyLunchboxes container. 



  1. Oh my goodness, Keeley! That lunch (like all of your lunches) is AMAZING! I bet there are some Mom's in your kid's class that wish you weren't so creative - makes their packed granola bars & lunchables look bad. ;)

  2. Keeley, my boys would LOVE this!

  3. My son is 11, but I bet he would love this too-such a fun idea! Pinning to my Lunch Box 101 Board-so cute!

  4. One thing I always wonder about your beautiful lunches is how you keep them from getting all smushed up in the lunchbox. This cream cheese & jam design, for example...how do you make sure it doesn't wind up stuck to the tupperware lid and hopelessly smeary? Would love to know your secret. :)

  5. Great question! On this particular day, I premade this lunch for her to enjoy at home so I didn't have to worry too much about packing it in there tightly. Some tips, however: If I do have something that I worry about or has details (and is traveling to school) you can do a couple things to help -- We use a flat lunch cooler by Embark (sold at Target) so the EasyLunchboxes container sits in there flat. It's never tipped or carried on its side. This has worked really well for us on those days. Secondly, you can also "pack it in" by surrounding the item (in this case the baseball) with other foods, fruits, veggies, etc so that it has no wiggle room to slide. Hope that helps!

  6. This is so inventive Keeley and Molly is thinking what I'm thinking!

  7. OMG what you made I can't imagine!
    From my childhood I was fan of baseball. I wish if my mother was able to make this kind of snacks for my tiffin I was very happy at my school.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. The carrot sticks looks funny...lol.
    Thanks for sharing.


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