Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: Work & School Gluten, Dairy, Egg, & Nut FREE Mommy + Me Lunches

Since packing lunches is an every day necessity in our household, due to my daughter's food allergy & food intolerances + my own dietary restrictions, I try to pack ours at the same time at night to keep things simple and more efficient.

That's why our Mommy + Me Work & School Lunches are so great - Always similar but different, since after all, we are different people with different likes. 

Here's our Gluten, Dairy, Egg, & Nut Free lunches we packed for today in our EasyLunchboxes containers:

For today, our lunches also happen to be great non-sandwich ideasI made a batch of chicken salad last night with leftover chicken breast. I diced it up with some pre-made slaw mix and Earth Balance Mindful Mayo for each of us to enjoy. 

Little Miss is enjoying hers packed in a blue lidded container, along side Van's Foods Perfect 10 crackers - which are made in a peanut & tree nut free facility. 

Also packed are organic carrot sticks, organic pear slices, and blueberries.

For myself, I packed up my chicken salad stuffed inside three campari tomatoes. Yum! 

I packed alongside a mini dipper with hummus for dipping my carrots, sweet peppers, and tortilla chips in. Plus a side of mixed berries.

Actually, these lunches could be soy free as well with minor substitutions, like making your own or subbing the hummus.




  1. I love the idea of putting chicken salad inside campari tomatoes - talk about elevating lunch! :)

  2. You are a God send. Allergy free meal planning has been my nightmare.

  3. Does your daughter have access to a fridge and/or microwave at school? If not, how do you keep her cold food cold enough?

    1. Hi! Yes, she does have access to a microwave - they eat in their classrooms and her teacher has a microwave they can use. A great way to keep lunches warm, if yours does not have microwave access, is by packing those items in a thermos. I keep her lunches cold with ice packs. Thanks!


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