Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: Fleur de Lis for Mardi Gras

For the last couple years, I've made Little Miss some fun Mardis Gras & Shrove Tuesday school lunches. 

I kept it a little simpler this year with a fun Fleur de Lis on her sandwich and simple food pick. She appreciated my nod to the NOLA Saints. ;) Girl knows her NFL logos. lol

I made the Fleur de Lis cutout by hand from cheese and outlined it with food gel coloring. 

Her sandwich is on Udi's gluten, nut, dairy, & soy free bread and filled with SunButter & jelly.

Also packed are strawberry & pear dices with a fun Mardi Gras mask pick, along with carrot sticks in an EasyLunchboxes container. 

Here are our past Mardi Gras packed lunches (click on each photo for details): 



Let me know your thoughts!

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