Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stack'd: The #GlutenFree Protein Pancake Cookbook {+ Breakfast for Lunch!}

Jessica Kahn is the mastermind behind Kitch&Table. A delicious Gluten Free food company that sells yummy mixes and has a blog of drool worthy recipes to complete it!

Now Jess has written her very own book called Stack'd! It's a Gluten Free Protein Pancake Cookbook, and ohhhh boy, was I so excited to get my hands on a copy! 

These aren't your ordinary pancakes folks, she's taken them to a whole new level! 

From the moment I saw the cover (pictured above) I knew my tummy was going to grumble... from craving pancakes like no other!

The book features everything from your classic pancake, to carrot cake inspired, savory bites, and even decadent dessert combinations. 

Spiced Chip Pancakes from Stack'd

One of my favorite sections of the book is "Savory Bites". I never thought to use pancakes as a side dish to an entree outside of breakfast. 

Cheddar & Chive Pancakes from Stack'd

These Cheddar & Chive Pancakes, pictured above, would be an amazing side made to a delicious chicken breast at dinner time. I can't wait to try this one!

Crepes from Stack'd
One thing I've never been successful at is making Crepes. When I saw Jess' recipe in the book and this gorgeous photo, I'm now on a mission to make it happen!

There a few key points of the book you should know:
  • All the recipes are gluten free
  • You won't find any crazy flour blends, special products you have to buy, etc. That's right: Her pancakes are based using gluten free oats + protein in the form of eggs & yogurt
  • The photos may look like they took hours to create, but the recipes are easy to make! The batters all whip up in your blender. How simple is that?!
  • Avoid dairy? Don't be discouraged! The recipes list Greek yogurt, ricotta, or cottage cheese. I made mine using non-dairy yogurt & rice milk. 

Here I've turned the delicious Strawberry Pancake recipe from Stack'd into a protein packed "Breakfast for Lunch" bento. 

The pancakes have fresh strawberries blended right into the batter, with the above mention substitutions to keep mine dairy free. The smell alone will hook you, seriously!

I also packed in my EasyLunchboxes container additional strawberry slices, orange slices, blueberries, and a few broken up pieces of bacon. C'mon, it's breakfast for lunch... gotta have bacon! ;) 

Right now, you can get your own copy of Stack'd on Amazon for just $3.49! I know, crazy awesome deal, right?!

Be sure to follow Stack'd Cookbook via Facebook & Twitter. Where you can browse through even more delicious photos from the book!



  1. This book looks awesome and I can eat pancakes 24/

  2. Oh man! How did I not know this book existed?!?


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