Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Turkey Sandwich ~ Gobble Gobble!

Little Miss' class is taking a field trip today to the nature center. They have homes and scenes setup reminiscent of those during the first Thanksgiving.
Her school lunch didn't need to be disposable for this but with a field trip you never quite know what you're getting into so I packed her lunch in one of our old Ziploc divided lunch containers. No way am I putting an EasyLunchboxes container at risk! lol *my precious*

Little Miss picked out all the fixins' for this lunch. It was when I saw her grab the cute little turkey picks that are resting inside her red seedless grapes and dip for her carrots that I decided to (try and) make the same turkey out of cheese for ontop of her sandwich.
Her sandwich is on gluten free bread and decorated with food safe markers and gel coloring. Not the best, but she thought he was cute so that's all that matters. :)
 "Gobble Gobble!"  

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  1. You didn't *try* -- You succeeded my dear! Love your turkey!! :)


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