Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: What's in YOUR {Allergy Friendly} School Lunch?

If your child attends a nut free school or is in a peanut free classroom, for many, it's a daunting task at the beginning of each school year.
It doesn't have to be - don't let the lack of PB&J think you can't pack amazing school lunches and snacks for your kiddos.  

Little Miss is not only nut free, but gluten free as well. This simple lunch is a testimate on how quick and easy a delicious an allergy friendly lunch can be, even without those items.
For today, she has packed a Chobani Champions vanilla chocolate chunk greek yogurt. If you have a dairy allergy, sub for a soy based yogurt instead to keep it dairy free.
Inside our Lunchbots Duo is also turkey pinwheel roll-ups, a few cheese slices (these can be omitted for dairy free -- include a small silicone cup of trail mix or a hard boiled egg, if you can tolerate, as a great source of nutrition).
She has baby carrots, stacked around the meat and cheese side.
On the right are apple dices which I soaked in apple juice to keep them from browning. She also has a small cup of SunButter for dipping. SunButter is dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, and gluten free. It is also vegan and kosher. A great source of protein and vitamin E.
What are your favorite allergy friendly foods to pack in lunches?


  1. Where do you get those individual Sunbutter packs?

    1. Hi Heather! You can purchase the cups that are in Little Miss' lunch on - a great site for all things nut free & more!

  2. I love this lunch... and you are right, it is so easy to make it dairy free... you can subsitute the cheese for candy coated sunflower seeds, chocolate coated raisins (or plain raisins), another veggie, or simply add extra deli meat... the yogurt could be substituted with Silk Fruit & Protein as a smoothie drink, frozen (if you eat eat at home) as a frozen treat... and of course, for soy free people, you could substitute rice or almond or goat milk treats...

    it can be daunting to have a child with one or more allergies, but once you know what foods and brands are safe, it gets much easier.


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