Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Fairy Peanut Free Princess

What a busy weekend! We weren't at our house for hardly any of it but that's okay except the part of not getting home tonight until 8pm. Eek! So that meant stories, teeth brushing, bed time, clean up, then packing lunches for Little Miss and the fella.

My little miss gluten and peanut free princess has a SunButter & strawberry jam sandwich on Udi's gluten and nut free bread (Udi's is also dairy and soy free).

Her sandwich was cut into a fairy princess using our LunchPunch from the Sand*wishes* collection.

I cut her fairy wand stick and face from an all-natural apricot fruit strip. Her facial features were done with my new facial expression cutter set from (there are 15 different expressions to choose from, can't wait to use more! Thanks Ludicrous Mama for showing us all how awesome these cutters are!)

The star cut out on her wand, I added some purple sugar sprinkles to make it shine.
The Fairy Princess is floating on cauliflower clouds. :)

Top right are apple slices. I tried to make a piece of the apple look like the skirt to the princess pick.

Bottom right in a crown container are princess crown cheese slices, stacked, and flower cut carrot coins.

Lunch is packed in an EasyLunchBoxes container.

I should note that LunchPunch sets are great! Udi's GF bread is smaller than "normal sized bread" thus why it didn't cut the crusts completely off like it normally would have.


  1. The fairy with the apple skirt is my favorite! Love this theme....might have to try it soon. ☺

  2. Those facial expression cutters must be fun! Love the skirt too!

  3. Ooo I NEVER thought to use the faces for my LunchPunches! OMG. You just opened up a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

  4. I love the wand! What a great idea :) My princesses loving girls would go gaga over this!


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