Friday, December 16, 2011

Craft Complete: NOEL Word Art

Oh how I love Pinterest!
I saw a pin for this NOEL Word Art knock-off. It's a take on Pottery Barn's version - which was $149! Um, no thanks. lol

Frugal with a Flourish did her own fantastic version I knew I could replicate.

I purchase my wood letter for $1.49 each at Joann Fabrics.
A bottle of craft paint for $0.89 and a sponge brush for $0.39.
I already had a hot glue gun & hot glue sticks, so I was all set for the minor cost of $7.24 (+ tax)!
$149 or $7.24... hmm, tough choice! lol
(Granted PB's is metal and larger in scale, but you get my point.)

I first laid out my letters on newspaper, poured some paint on a paper plate, then began painting them.

Tip: Paint the edges first THEN go over the top as you're doing each coat.
I gave my letters two coats on the edges and fronts. After the second coat was dry over all, I did a final one on the backside to give it a complete look. ;)

By doing the edges first as you're doing your coats, this will allow you to smooth out any paint on the edges that "overflows".

Like so ^

Nice and smooth finish. :)

After they were dry, I hot glued the letters together.

And let dry.

Ta-Da! I hung mine on the wall.

Here's also a simple fix for hanging items --

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