Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Submarine Expedition

So I had an idea for Little Miss's lunch this morning. It didn't turn out as well as I wanted but when I showed her she laughed and said it was the silliest one I've made. She loved it! That made me smile and well, pleasing her is all that really matters. :)

"Submarine" Sandwich - I used my food color pens for the windows and the top of a bendy straw for the periscope.
"Seaweed & Fishes" - I used spinach leaves and baby goldfish crackers
"Starfish" - Hard boiled egg in her done in a star egg mold
"Beach Ball" - My best attempt, lol, cutting a Babybel Cheese to be shaped like one
On the right hand side is also a Mott's Medleys Peach Applesauce and a few mini cookies for dessert.
Not pictured - Fruitables Juice Box


  1. i love this! and "That made me smile and well, pleasing her is all that really matters. :)" <--- right on. :)

  2. aww thank you! :)
    too funny because while you were commenting on my post I was actually looking at your blog from the link up. lol
    Your bio made me chuckle too because it sounded JUST like me "cookie baker-potato chip munching-frapp addict". AMEN!

  3. Clever! I have a fishy theme tomorrow...but I don't have 'seaweed'! Actually I have nori, but I didn't tell my daughter it's seaweed! LOL!

    This makes me wanna sing...We all live in a yellow submarine!

    I just might have to copy this one someday. Must PIN!

  4. Hey Keeley, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your site.

    I am new to this "fun Lunches," as I like to call it. I can use all the ideas or help you can send my way. I love the submarine!

    I am trying to make my daughter a fun lunch at least once a week. We'll see if I can keep it up.

    Moody Mom

  5. @ Diana - I had that song in my head while I was making it and all morning yesterday. LOL

    @ Moody Mom - Good luck in your "fun lunches" adventure! I know my daughter LOVES her silly sandwiches and fun lunches too. :)

    Thanks everyone for your nice comments and visiting!


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