Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Introduction to... well... ME :)

First a small introduction is in order: My name is Keeley McGuire - that being my first & middle. Very Irish, I know... I was born the day before St. Patrick's Day and since we are of Irish & Scottish decent, I was the one 'blessed' between my siblings & I with the name no one can pronounce correctly 80% of the time. lol

I'm a rambler - drives my boyfriend crazy at times. :) I will do my best to keep on point or at least provide entertainment if I can't! (Yes, I'm giving you permission to laugh at my expense!)

Okay, back to my introduction of sorts... I have a five year old daughter (if you ask her she will proclaim she is "five and a HALF"!) She is the joy of my life. She also has a severe peanut allergy. If you're a parent or friend of someone with a peanut allergy, you might find some of my posts useful, as they'll contain peanut friendly recipes and ideas.

I work full-time. I also myself a sports & craft beer enthusiast (mmm...).

I love trying new recipes and look forward to sharing them with you all here! As well as, current reads, crafty projects, deals & steals, etc.

Me and my little one

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