Saturday, May 28, 2011

Craft Complete: Puzzle Playmat Floor Pieces Redo!

I wanted to make sure these turned out and were upholding before posting. (AND THEY ARE!)

My daughter has these Disney Princess puzzle playmat pieces on the floor of her room to help protect not only her ;) but also our original hardwood floors. After time, the pictures have begun to peel off making not exactly appeasing to the eye.

I decided to spray paint them to give them new life!

Here's what they looked life BEFORE:

As you can see, they were once cute ;) but with a couple years of abuse, they began to peel. Some are completely bare in other areas of her room.

First, any that had some remaining pictures on them I peeled off making it a clean surface.

I layed down some newspaper. You can obviously use a painters plastic or a tarp too.
I had a can of purple spray paint handy (leftover from some items I painted in her room already).

The end result! ^

I'm happy to say after I let them dry for  a few hours they were good to go!
She's been playing on them with no issues.

I plan on painting some more of them pink and then alternating tile colors. :)
Giving them a fresh new life. I'll post another picture of her room complete when we get the rest done!!

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